Foam Party! Highlighting The Benefits of The Hyphen Foam Mattress

Foam Party! Highlighting The Benefits of The Hyphen Foam Mattress

Despite being on the market since the mid 1990’s, memory foam still benefits from a notion of newness. Traditional memory foam mattresses were lauded as futuristic and cutting edge. This led to immense popularity and impressive sales numbers (over 1 billion annually). Based on our team’s collective industry experience and research studies what we realized was that for all of its benefits and superlatives, the memory foam mattress was in need of a serious make-over. So we went back to the lab. We took the elements we loved about memory foam, like low movement disruption and breathability and optimized the experience. The end product was a magnificent mattress that we call Hyphen Foam. If you haven’t tried one of our mattresses yet or have yet to ask a friend:

What is Hyphen foam?

What makes the Hyphen mattress unique?

Why should I buy a Hyphen Foam mattress instead of a regular memory foam one?

We are here to help.

What Is Hyphen Foam?

A large part of what makes our mattress stand out from the competitors can be found by examining the process we went through to build our product. We set out to ensure our mattresses incorporated four key features:

Universal comfort

Temperature control

Anti-microbial protection, and

Long-lasting quality

We addressed each one of these components by incorporating key technology features and materials into each layer. We used breathable anti-microbial materials on the top layer to ensure maximum comfort for all body types. The mattress core was built with ventilation to manage temperature control. One of the main concerns we heard during our research was growing complaints about how some memory foam mattresses sleep too hot. The combination of materials in Hyphen foam helps to regulate temperature based on how hot or cold the person sleeping may be. This is a feature we call

adaptive temperature regulation. Lastly in the core layer we included materials designed to provide pressure relief, so ultimately Hyphen Foam is best described as firm but not too firm and plush but not too soft. The bottom two layers are what we call our Buoyant Transitional and Orthopedic Support layers. The buoyant layer provides the consistent healthy bounce everyone craves in a good mattress which transfers down into the orthopedic layer which provides additional pressure relief and variable support. Ultimately, each layer in the Hyphen Mattress works together providing a consistently comfortable and cool sleep experience.

What makes the Hyphen mattress unique?

Aside from the unique technology that is present in our Hyphen Foam one of the most unique features of a Hyphen Mattress is the process by which it was developed. We tested various combinations of foam configurations, mattress firmness, and material compositions from scratch. We then got feedback from new and potential customers to improve our design and then we tested some more! Using “rollator compression cycles”, “sway force analysis”, “infrared imaging”, and “pressure mapping”, to finalize the finish product. This may seem like a lot of work to design a mattress but it was well worth it. Our final product is one that we stand behind with 100% confidence.

Why should I buy a Hyphen Foam mattress instead of a regular memory foam mattress?

Well there are a few reasons why we invite you to try a Hyphen. First we manufacture all of our mattresses in our own local factory in the United States. Why is this big deal you ask? This allows us to provide high quality materials while managing costs to our customers. There is no import export cost or currency exchange standing in the way of our price to the consumer. This is a manufacturing process that is rare in the industry today. Secondly, our research showed that people were intimated by the mattress buying process not only were there too many options but you had to haggle with a sales person for a fair price and then when you finally found the mattress of your choice you had to schedule a time for delivery and wait, often times missing work for your mattress to arrive. With Hyphen there is one universally comfortable mattress in six sizes you can order online. When you choose your size, we ship your new mattress to your doorstep where you simply unbox, unroll and enjoy your mattress. Finally perhaps the most important reason to buy a Hyphen. The cost! Our Queen Mattress starts at $799 that is nearly half the price of some of our competitors. When you combine that low cost with our 20 year guarantee and 30 point inspection process buying a Hyphen mattress today just makes too much sense.

We invite you to learn more about our process and shop our mattresses today.