“Good Sleep is a Reachable Dream”

What an interesting concept: good sleep is a reachable dream. On March 16th, The World Sleep Day Committee hosted its annual World Sleep Day event all over the world. The day marks a celebration of great sleep and also seeks to raise awareness surrounding sleep ailments and disorders. Sleep is important, but so many of us are not getting the sleep our bodies need to both function and stay healthy. In fact, according to the National Sleep Foundation, forty-five percent of Americans say that their daily activities have been affected by poor sleep at least once in the past seven days. That is a lot of people who are losing a lot of sleep – and poor sleep prevents us all from living life to the fullest.

The health benefits of good sleep are well documented. Some benefits include increased levels of happiness, better sex, building muscle easier, stronger learning skills, safer driving, maintaining fitness levels and disease prevention. These are things every person wants for his or her life, and it all rolls up to higher energy levels and better overall health. For those of us who are active, good sleep is even more important. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, your body can’t repair itself or release hormones, both of which are critical to maintaining athletic performance.

World Sleep Day is a great reminder of the importance of a good night of sleep, and Hyphen firmly believes that good sleep is, in fact, a reachable dream. We created Hyphen in celebration of a great night of rest so you feel prepared to attack your day with all the vigor and energy you want. We want you to work smarter, feel better, and have a kick-ass workout, all without feeling dragged down by fatigue. Hyphen is specifically designed for an active lifestyle, and we’ve taken decades of expertise and packed it into one amazing box that is delivered to your doorstep when you want it.

So now that you know, what are you waiting for? Good sleep is a reachable dream, and we believe that dream turns into reality the moment you sleep on a Hyphen.