Join the Republic

Finding a great product or service makes life easier, and it’s often a relief to end the quest for whatever it is you’ve been looking for. When you do finally find something awesome, do you keep it a secret from your family and friends? Of course not! You’ll tell anyone and everyone about a fantastic product, exceptional service, or anything else that far exceeded your expectations. This is exactly why we’ve created the Republic of Sleep. We’re so convinced that you’ll love your Hyphen that you’ll tell your friends and family all about it, and we want to make sure that you’re rewarded in the process.

Hyphen is designed to give you the rest you need to meet the demands of your active lifestyle. We want you to run, swim and bike your way through the day so you can drift into the most comfortable sleep possible at night. We know you’ll wake up feeling so refreshed that you’ll want to scream from the mountaintop (that you just climbed) to tell the world. The Republic of Sleep rewards you for doing what you do naturally: referring your friends and family to Hyphen.

What does it take to join the Republic? Simply sign up once you’ve purchased your own Hyphen, and then start telling those you love. Every time someone you referred buys a Hyphen, he or she will get $50 off the purchase, and you’ll get $50 sent your way. Not only are you passing along the benefit of a great night of sleep delivered direct to your door, you get to buy even more cool stuff simply because you spread the word.

So go ahead, get your Hyphen and see for your self why it’s so great. Then, start reaping the rewards of sharing that excitement with your friends.