Not Created Equal

Not Created Equal

Going mattress shopping is not always at the top of anyone’s list, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Mattress anatomy and technology varies widely from brand to brand. Between soft or firm, latex or memory foam, and a wide range of price points, purchasing the right mattress is not just about full, queen or king. A mattress is also a long-term purchase, so you want to make sure that it’s both comfortable and right for you. With so many options and varieties available, it may feel overwhelming to walk into a store and choose simply by laying on top of a few mattresses for two minutes at a time – and you’re not alone. Now, an emergence of new mattress brands is making the shopping experience exponentially easier by allowing consumers to order online. With each brand offering one option, it may seem like an easy decision, but not all mattresses are created equal. Let’s dig in to the features you should be looking for in a mattress.

Temperature Regulation

It’s never any fun to wake up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat, and it’s happened to all of us. Sleep then ends up being a game of hot and cold, where you throw the comforter back when you get too hot and then wrap yourself back up when you get too cold. Memory foam mattresses have often contributed to sleeping hot, which is why you should look for a mattress that is specifically designed to increase airflow. Hyphen knows that your mattress should help regulate your body temperature while you sleep so you can find the balance between night sweats and icicle status. This is why we’ve created the perfect foam to ensure enough circulation that you won’t wake up feeling like you just ran a marathon.


Remember how fun it was to jump on the bed when you were a kid? Us too. Traditional spring mattresses often have that bounce to provide adequate support. Now, as mattresses have moved towards memory foam, the foam offers contouring effect that also allows you, or your partner, to toss and turn without bouncing the other person right off the bed. However, that lack of motion transfer often comes at the expense of that supportive bounce. As technology has advanced, mattresses can truly offer the best of both worlds. A comfort layer can offer contouring that offers support but doesn’t suck you in, while a buoyant layer can provide the right amount of healthy bounce. Hyphen offers the exact combination that gives just the right amount of spring in the mattress, but still maintains the undisturbed comfort of low-motion transfer. No one wants to sleep in quicksand or on a trampoline, so the best place is the perfect balance of each.


High quality shouldn’t just be for your clothes or food. A mattress should be constructed with the same care, materials and details as any other item that you purchase. If anything, quality is even more important given the amount of time we spend in bed each night. Check to make sure that your mattress is manufactured in the USA and that it is made from great quality materials. That’s the case with Hyphen, and we’re so excited about it that we are willing to let you try it for 100 nights and back it for 20 years. Once you’ve slept on a great mattress, you’ll never want to go back. If a company is proud of its creation and believes in the quality of its product, you should be able to try it with a simple return policy that removes all purchase apprehension. 

Reduces Muscular Fatigue

We put our bodies through the ringer every single day. Sometimes that ringer comes just from sitting at a desk, and other times it’s because we run, jump, swim, ski, or climb our way into bed every night. Sleep is when our bodies recover and recharge, and our muscles depend on that to regenerate and prepare for the next day. Restorative sleep is only accomplished with proper support by using a mattress that is able to reduce pressure points throughout the body. By using a mattress that offers the right support, you’ll see improved blood circulation, which promotes and supports muscle recovery. Hyphen has been designed specifically with muscle recovery in mind, so if you aren’t getting the support you need, odds are your muscles aren’t recovering as well as they could.


We already have enough pollution to worry about. Whether it’s exhaust from cars to the mud that the dog dragged in from his romp in the yard, we are inundated with dirt and grime on a daily basis, but that shouldn’t transfer to your mattress. If your mattress doesn’t offer protection against microbial growth, you’re probably sleeping in a sty of allergens, which can lead to a number of illnesses caused by the transfer of bacteria and viruses. In fact, the Hyphen mattress is CertiPUR-US Certified and includes not just one, but two layers of antimicrobial protection – and that’s important because you know that Fido makes himself at home on that bed when you’re at work, and this is the very feature that helps dispel any odor that he may leave behind. If your mattress is doing the dirty work by keeping clean, not only will you sleep on a fresher bed, you’ll stay healthier because your body will be exposed to less dirt and grime.

With so many options on the market, purchasing a mattress may seem like an overwhelming task – and it shouldn’t be that way. Too often we spend far too much time researching and testing, when we really should be using that time to do the activities we enjoy. By keeping some of these guidelines in mind, you can make an informed decision – and we’ve designed Hyphen with all of these criteria in mind. The best part is, all it takes is a few clicks and your new Hyphen shows up on your doorstep. Once you know what it’s like to sleep on a Hyphen, you’ll never want to go back.