Summer Running Round Up

Summer Running Round Up

Once the snow begins to melt away, everyone is looking towards one thing: summer. Summer means sunshine, fun, and plenty of outdoor activities. It also means a host of mud runs, 5ks and obstacle courses to keep you outside and going strong. Runs and races are a great way to stay in shape, meet new friends and enjoy all the sun and fun that summer has to offer. Not only is running good for us, getting outside and staying active keeps us motivated to get the rest our bodies need to recharge and be ready to run the next day. With so many great options and offerings across all skill levels, it’s tough to know which ones may be the best fit for you. Without further adieu, we bring you a breakdown of the summer racing circuits. Here’s the Hyphen summer running round up:

Spartan Race

Spartan Races happen all across the country and they offer a variety of options for beginners and experts alike. A race consists of a combination of running and obstacles on a course, and you must complete each obstacle to move on. There are three types of races and – with the right training – anyone can join the party. A Sprint is the shortest race, which is generally about 3 miles with around 20 obstacles. The Super is longer, or about 8 miles with around 24 obstacles. If you are really looking for a challenge, sign up for The Beast, which is 12+ miles and over 30 obstacles. The Spartan Race website offers tips and training plans for first-timers, as well as a list of dates and locations. Races start in mid-April and continue on through December.

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Color Run

If neither obstacles nor distance are your thing, the Color Run is a fun way to run, jog, walk – and enjoy – a 5k. Runs take place all across the country, and the Color Run is now the largest event series in the world. Color Runs happen during the day and at night, and they are untimed events, so no need to fret if you aren’t feeling fast. If you’re looking to do your first 5k or aren’t much for competition, the Color Run may be the best option for you. So grab some friends and get your groove on as you are bombarded with bright colors being thrown on you at every kilometer. You’ll end the run feeling fit and looking like a rainbow exploded all over – and you’ll be smiling every step of the way. Runs start in late April and go through November.

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Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder is not for the faint of heart. Races are typically 10-12 miles and are laden with difficult obstacles. With walls to climb, mud pits to crawl through and even some fun swings, Tough Mudder is a great way to work together to demolish the challenging course. Races aren’t timed and don’t focus on winners, but rather team building and camaraderie in a physically – and mentally – grueling environment. If you want to get serious about summer fitness, consider signing up for a Tough Mudder in your area. With 11 new races in 2016, there are plenty of ways to challenge yourself and step up your game. Races begin mid-April and run through mid-October.

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Rock & Roll Marathon Series

Don’t be fooled, the Rock & Roll Marathon Series won’t make you run a full 26.2 to participate. You can run a full marathon, a half marathon, half marathon relay, 10k, or a 5k – it’s up to you! Choose to run in an exotic destination around the world, on the Las Vegas Strip at Night, or even somewhere near your hometown. The Rock & Roll Series is a party on your feet with a huge fitness expo leading up to the race, great race support, and bands playing cool tunes at every kilometer on the course. With great energy and a chance to rock out at every turn, the Rock & Roll Marathon Series has something for everyone. Races go all year round and stick to warmer climates during winter months.

What are you waiting for? With so many great options all across the country, it’s time to sign up, get outside and get moving! Then, after a good hard run, float into your comfy bed for that great night of sleep that you deserve. Cheers to a summer of sunscreen, new experiences and staying in shape!