The Dreaded Fitted Sheet

You know the drill: Every time you wash your sheets, that fitted sheet never ceases to be the bane of your folding existence. It really is a valiant effort – lining up those corners and attempting to press them into squared-off edges before folding it flawlessly into the desired rectangular shape. Unfortunately, that’s not usually how the process goes. If you’re like us, you get half way through the process; only to give up and attempt to flatten it enough to make it look like you gave it the old college try before tossing it into the drawer. But don’t lose hope! We hear that folding a fitted sheet is – allegedly – all in the corners.

We’re still not sure that we’ll ever get it right, but if you’re really set on the “practice makes perfect” method (we aren’t), then take a look at the clip below for a step-by-step guide to folding that fitted sheet into submission. Our only word of caution is that, if Martha Stewart can’t teach you how, then you’re pretty much doomed.

While we can’t fold your fitted sheets for you (worst-case scenario: send out for your laundry), we can give you the best night of sleep available, and we can do that by bringing you a Hyphen mattress. Not only is it built on decades of mattress-making expertise, it has all the features you need for your body to regenerate after a long day of running, cycling, climbing or skiing. So get outside, get active and come back to that unfolded fitted sheet that sits on top of your Hyphen mattress. We can’t guarantee you won’t lose sleep over you sheet-folding skills, but we can guarantee that you won’t regret buying your Hyphen. Try it now for 100 blissful nights and experience what life is like with sleep by Hyphen.

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